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REVIEW: Disney's Aladdin | UK Tour 2023, Edinburgh Playhouse

"A Shining, Shimmering, Splendour filled with the magic and wonder of A Whole New World of gleeful glory!"

After wowing audiences of London and Broadway, Disney’s Aladdin flew into Scotland on their magic carpet this week for their first ever UK tour, debuting at Edinburgh Playhouse.

With the winds from the East and the suns from the West, we were swept up in the infamous tale of a ‘Street Rat’s’ Arabian Night in the kingdom of Agrabah.

Gavin Adams brought the charm and exuberance as Aladdin. Desmonda Cathabel captured the confident and free-spirited Princess Jasmine, Adam Strong mastered the menace of the diabolical Royal Vizier, Jafar. But the show-stealer and audience favourite is the friend with ‘phenomenal cosmic power’ Yeukayi Ushe, the Genie. He delivered a top-tier performance with his pitch perfect pipes, magnificent moves, witty retorts and impeccable comedic timing.

The ensemble brought the energy and class with their flawless choreography and backing vocals to the musical hits of the show, “Prince Ali”, “Friend Like Me”, and “A Whole New World”.

Even though the production has an air of panto to it, think big costumes and fanatical villains, the show adds the Disney sparkle of spectacular sets, stunning musical scores, and an extra sprinkling of Broadway glitz.

Disney’s Aladdin is a shining, shimmering, splendour filled with magic and wonder of a whole new world of gleeful glory!

Disney's Aladdin runs at Edinburgh Playhouse until Saturday 18th November.


📸 Production Images by Deen Van Meer

🎥 Reel by Jenna's Jamboree



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