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REVIEW: Annie The Musical |Edinburgh Playhouse

"Leapin' Lizards, Edinburgh!"

Annie the musical has arrived at Edinburgh Playhouse for limited run.

Without fully retelling Annie’s story, it follows a young girl forced to live at Miss Hannigan’s orphanage in New York during The Great Depression. Her days look brighter as she is picked to spend Christmas with billionaire, Oliver Warbucks. But, with Miss Hannigan and her family out to make a fast buck off her, will she have a “hard knock life” forever?

Embracing the role of Annie with the iconic charm and positivity we expect, is Harlie Barthram. She did an amazing job working with her four-legged friend, Sandy, played by the gorgeous golden retriever, Lily.

All the young girls playing the orphans are super talented – impressive singing and choreographed performances every time.

The set design and costumes are simple and effective in depicting the ebb and flow of the story.

The standout for me, was the portrayal of the creepy, villainous snake, Rooster by Paul French. His spine-tingling, yet toe tapping performances ensured my eyes were always on him.

Lastly, and solemnly, the show wouldn’t have been complete if it weren’t for the late, and supremely great, Paul O’Grady as the man-hungry, gin-drinking, child-hating, Miss Hannigan. Paul oozed with his trademark flirtation and quick-wit – reminiscent of his Lily Savage days. I’m so glad I got to see him perform live before he passed away.

So, step on down to ‘Easy Street’ for the spectacle that is Annie, and don’t forget… it’s what you wear from ear to ear and not from head to toe that matters!


📸 Production Images by Annie The Musical

🎥 Reel by Jenna's Jamboree



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