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REVIEW: BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend | Camperdown Park, Dundee

"Jam-packed... vendors were super pricey, and the sound quality was sometimes sketchy."

Now that the dust has settled on what was a 'big weekend' at Camperdown Park in Dundee, I can tell you all about my experience.

If you're a festival goer, you know what to expect. If not, it was jam-packed, vendors were super pricey, and the sound quality was sometimes sketchy. The area used was rather small to house 2 giant stages as well as multiple fairground attractions belting out 00s dance tunes. It was an unpleasant noise sandwich!

On Saturday, the biggest disappointment was waiting the whole duration of what would've been their to set to find out "there were technical difficulties" when in actual fact 30 Seconds To Mars had been standing stage side and then cancelled. Cue hoards of disgruntled punters making their way to the exit. It was announced a few hours later that they would be playing on the Sunday on the smaller stage.

Now, this wasn't the only controversy of the Big Weekend. On Sunday, frontman of the band Royal Blood spat the dummy and called the crown "pathetic" for not clapping them enough.

It wasn't all bad though. The sun was out, the shuttle service to the park was decent, the variety in vendors was alright, and there were some decent bands/artists that sounded great live without the help of auto-tune. It was also great seeing families there with their young ones.


  • Accept that it will be busy.

  • You will have to queue for everything - food/drinks/toilets etc.

  • The sound quality might not be great.

  • Wear comfy clothes. Duh!

  • Prices are ridiculous so take out a loan.



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