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REVIEW: Craig Hill - This Gets Harder Every Year! | Haddington Corn Exchange, The Brunton, East Lothian

"Sporran full of sass...with his trademark naughtiness, razor-sharp wit, and astute observational quips."

The King of Innuendos and Scotland’s favourite Kilty Pleasure, Craig Hill, brought his hilarious tour ‘This Gets Harder Every Year!’ to Haddington Corn Exchange, in association with The Brunton, on Saturday 24th February 2024.

Donning a hot pink shirt and matching kilt, Hill bounded on stage lip-syncing and dancing to a Eurovision pop song with a sporran full of sass before showering us with his trademark naughtiness, razor-sharp wit, and astute observational quips.

A master of audience interaction, Hill commanded the room and shut down hecklers with his impressively savage and shameless comedic chops that only he can get away with.

Hill is known around the world for his cheeky and vivacious live performances, so it’s no wonder his shows are so popular and often sell-out.

‘This Gets Harder Every Year!’ was rude. It was fast. It was hilarious, and absolutely class!




Brunton Theatre Trust is dedicated to bringing the very best theatre, music, dance, comedy, children’s theatre, screenings and entertainment to East Lothian, sharing it with as many people as possible. They also provide opportunities for involvement and participation in the arts through education and outreach activities for all sections of the community including harder to reach groups.

Since March 2023, roofing issues at The Brunton venue resulted in the closure of the performance spaces leading to the team working with partners to move the performing arts programme out of The Brunton and into alternative venues in Musselburgh and Haddington.


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