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REVIEW: Girl From The North Country Musical | Edinburgh Playhouse

"A heart-warming and life changing show."

Girl of the North Country is not your typical jukebox musical. It’s a powerful, and thought-provoking piece of theatre written by Connor McPherson set amidst Bob Dylan’s vast repertoire of music.

McPherson’s use of Dylan’s songs fit perfectly in the show, enhancing the action, and driving the plot forward.

Set in a run-down boarding house in the wintry town of Duluth, Minnesota – Dylan’s hometown – in the middle of the Great Depression, the story centres on the Laine family. Owner Nick struggles to take care of his wife as well as the needs of his guests. His wife, Elizabeth, has dementia. His son is a drunken would-be writer, and his adopted black daughter is pregnant and single.

The boarding house sees an assemblage of lost souls including a wrongly imprisoned boxer, a widow awaiting a healthy pay-out, a shady Bible-selling preacher, another money-strapped family with a son who has learning difficulties, and a morphine addicted doctor, all brought together due to the economic effects of the Depression as it shines a light on the racial differences of that time.

The set and costume design are both bleak, simple, and reflective of the hopelessness felt in the 1930s.

The strong emotive acting and the musical arrangements are truly captivating, from the spine-tingling vocals and a cappellas to the interchanging performances of actors and musicians on stage.

With hits from Dylan’s back catalogue including “Like a Rolling Stone”, “Hurricane”, and “Forever Young”, the talented cast and ensemble produce character affirming performances some etched in pain and some full of joy.

For a heart-warming and life changing show that’s also double Olivier and Tony award-winning West End and Broadway hit, this is the show for you.

Girl from the North Country is at the Edinburgh Playhouse until Saturday 22nd October.


📸 Production Images by Persson Photography

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