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REVIEW: 10 Years of Majestic Art: Celebrating The Kelpies 10

To round off a day of celebrations of The Kelpies turning 10, there were electrifying performances from the 'Bagrock' specialists Red Hot Chilli Pipers, Celtic flame throwers PyroCeltica, and superb headliner Callum Beattie.

It was such an amazing evening - the atmosphere was incredible with a stellar line-up all wrapped in an epic display of multimedia, lighting, and film at The Kelpies.

In the last 10 years...

  • Over 7 million visitors to The Kelpies and Helix Park.

  • 300,000 people have participated in a cultural community event at Helix Park.

  • The Kelpies have helped grow the local tourism economy by 73%.

  • Provides 1,270 total annual jobs.

  • £81 million of economic value (GVA).


📸 Images by Jenna's Jamboree


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