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REVIEW: Dizney In Drag - Once Upon A Parody | Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2023

"A raunchy, filthy, funny show that also unpacks a few important life lessons."

Prepare to have all your childhood dreams shattered like Cinderella's glass slipper as 'Dizney in Drag: Once Upon A Parody' arrives at the Edinburgh Fringe with A Whole New World of adult fairytales and witty Disney puns.

Bringing this riotous romp from the land down under, The Hairy Godmothers have given the classic fairytale characters a modern-day makeover.

Following the story of the hero and their Hairy Godmother (with beer and cig in hand) as they search for the hero’s true love, meeting some of Disney’s characters (as never seen before) on the way. Snow White has a cocaine habit, Ariel collects sex toys, Gaston in a strap-on, and a fed-up dating app swiper Jasmine, all expertly portrayed by drag kings and queens in beautiful and colourful costumes.

The classic Disney songs have been given The Hairy Godmothers’ treatment, cleverly rewritten into current day relevancy and gender-neutral versions with gags a plenty.

'Dizney in Drag: Once Upon A Parody' is a raunchy, filthy, funny show that also unpacks a few important life lessons. So, I pity the Poor Unfortunate Souls who miss out on this one!




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