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REVIEW: Scottish Motorcycle Show 2024 | New, Classic, and Custom Motorbikes at The Royal Highland Centre, Edinburgh

This weekend, Scotland’s “biggest” motorcycle show returned to Edinburgh.

Now, as a member of a biking family, I’ve been to this and many other bike shows in my lifetime, so I know the script when it comes to biking events.

And this one was just alright. Please note, I’m by no means a motorbike snob.

I appreciate the long hours and hard work that goes into these shows, but I don’t appreciate the £10 parking fee for cars. This, I believe, was set by the venue. I’d keep this in mind for future events at the Royal Highland Centre.

Motorbike parking was free.

I also appreciate the exhibitors for putting in a weekender and putting in a proper graft, but there weren’t many of them. As with many exhibitions and this wonderful economy we’re in, it’s sadly a sign of the times. There were some great displays and stands on show but some random and irrelevant ones too.

Also there and celebrating their 50th Anniversary season with their own stage featuring guests, racing stars and competitions was @knockhillracingcircuit. A venue I’ve been to countless times back in my younger days with my biker parents. Well done guys!

I enjoyed seeing:

🏍️ @kawasakiuk

🏍️ @triumphuk

🏍️ All the Classic Bikes & Sidecars

Ultimately, The Scottish Motorcycle Show was a proper mixed bag this year. Sadly, the rising costs for everyone (exhibitors and visitors) is what’s letting the event down. Shame. 😔


📸🎥 Images & Reel by Jenna's Jamboree


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