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REVIEW: Steve-O - The Bucket List Tour | O2 Academy, Glasgow

"A gnarly experience. I laughed. I cringed. I winced."

One dreich evening at the end of June, a man known for his stand-up comedy and probably one of the most recognised stunt performers in TV and film rocked up to the O2 Academy in Glasgow.

Jackass’ Steve-O bounded into town with his multimedia comedy tour “Steve-O: The Bucket List” describing it as “naughty and super original”.

Strutting on stage, Steve-O opened with a very serious statement:

“I’m in a really fucked up situation guys… I’m Steve-O in my forties!”

What proceeds is Steve-O listing all the absurd, insane, absolute bat-shit crazy stunts that he wanted to do in the past that were just too crazy… his bucket list of forbidden feats.

Ok, so where does the multimedia part of his show come in? Well, Steve-O being the ever-exuberant man that he is, you know he 100% performed those stunts, and he has “receipts”! Cue the most explosive video footage that YouTube and even Jackass couldn’t air!

Now, I won’t go into detail but there’s multiple reasons why his show is adult only and self-described as “properly triple X-rated”. One being that during the show, two people had passed out in their seats! They were warned!

Not surprising considering we were taken on a roller coaster of outrageous stunts. From “Cauliflower Ear” and “Piss Pool” to “Vasectomy Olympics” and “Sky Jacking”, these were not for the faint of heart.

While we all knew what to expect (or thought we knew what to expect) from Steve-O, the show was littered with love and admiration for his fiancée, who can be seen filming some of his antics, and his passion for animal rights. With that being said, his stunts were front and centre with grim unpredictability.

Steve-O: The Bucket List was a gnarly experience. I laughed. I cringed. I winced.

Well done, Steve-O!



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