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REVIEW: The Book Of Mormon Musical | Theatre Royal, Glasgow

"I can't believe Jesus called me a dick!"

The Mormons are on a new mission in Scotland as the tour arrived at the Theatre Royal in Glasgow!

This rip-roaring, belly-laughing spectacle, infamously created by the minds behind South Park, even without knowing the story, you know that this production will push the boundaries.

The Book of Mormon tells the story of the misadventures of a pair of ill-matched missionaries, Elder Price and Elder Cunningham. They leave America to embark on their first mission to spread the word of Jesus Christ, in Uganda. As the pair begin their mission Elder Cunningham - the perpetual despair of his parents and community - tries to grow some self-belief and falls in love with the local leader's daughter, Nabulungi. Whilst Elder Price - the over-confident golden boy of the missionary training school - is struggling to convert the villagers and questions whether he can do what he has been sent to Uganda to do.

This is a vivacious and joyous musical with fantastic songs, energetic dancing, and pitch-perfect performances from a talented ensemble cast, but it’s not one for the fainthearted.

It is littered with modern references and brings focus to some of the candid discussions surrounding religion and sexuality.

The musical may satirise religious gullibility, but it doesn’t question the need for belief. The portrayal of the Ugandans is unabatingly stereotypical, serving as the driving force for the show’s main targets: western arrogance, racism, and colonialism.

The Book of Mormon is brilliant, and I urge you to go see if before it sells out – which it will.


📸 Production Images Paul Coltas



Opened in 1867, Theatre Royal Glasgow went through two fires before the turn of the century.

Standing tall through thick and thin, the theatre has since presented a wide variety of productions covering all genres, including residents Scottish Opera and Scottish Ballet. Featuring a Victorian auditorium, Theatre Royal presents first class entertainment.


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