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REVIEW: The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo | Edinburgh Castle Esplanade

"A celebration of connection and expression!"

The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo was back with a bang for the first time in three years at its iconic venue, Edinburgh Castle Esplanade, and with a full arena and an audience of 8,800, the atmosphere was electric!

The Tattoo has a lineage of 72 years, it was raised with the other festivals under the flowering of the human spirit after the degradations of the Second World War.

This year’s show “Voices”, the first from their new Creative Director Michael Braithwaite, was a celebration of connection and expression, and was inspired by people from the “four corners of the world”, who despite physical separation, have come together to share their voices creatively through spoken word, song, music, and dance – languages common to us all.

With over 800 performers from across the world, the talent shone brighter than the spotlights. There was cultural showcases and musical presentations by performers from Mexico, The United States, Switzerland, Germany, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand alongside traditional performances and the legendary sounds of the Massed Pipes and Drums, the Tattoo performers, and other military bands from the UK.

Various voices throughout the show were key to carrying the story forward, coupled with the intricate soundscapes, lighting, castle projections, costumes, and music, The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo was a dynamic and colourful spectacle that dazzled and amazed.


📸 Images by © Jenna's Jamboree


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