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REVIEW: Flight Club Darts lands in St James Quarter, Edinburgh.

"Vintage fairground meets cosy pub!"

Last night, I flew into Flight Club Darts Edinburgh for their Launch Party.

With décor and character all of its own (think vintage fairground meets cosy pub), and a delicious selection of scran and libations, not to mention the fun to be had at the umpteen oches inside, Flight Club Darts is a fantastic addition to St James Quarter.

📸🎥 Images & Reel by Jenna's Jamboree



Located within the vibrant St James Quarter, prepare to supercharge your socialising experiences!

Combining the thrill of Social Darts with a beautiful bar that seamlessly blends the heritage of darts with the excitement of a fairground, it's an incredible spot for delicious food, glorious cocktails and a healthy dose of competition. Flight Club Edinburgh is the go-to destination for corporate team builders, weekend brunches and unforgettable nights out!


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