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REVIEW: The Bodyguard Musical | Edinburgh Playhouse

'One Moment in Time' at Edinburgh Playhouse.

The Bodyguard Musical follows the same story as the 1992 film - you know the script - One sassy and stubborn diva. A top-notch no-nonsense bodyguard. A wee kiddo at risk. A letter-writing psycho stalker, and a jealous sister on the side-lines.

And just like the film, the musical is dramatic, it’s exciting, full of suspense, and has a cracking catalogue of Whitney Houston’s chart-topping hits including ‘I’m Every Woman’, ‘Queen of the Night’, and of course ‘I Will Always Love You’.

Playing the role of Rachel Marron is Pussycat Doll and Grammy nominated Melody Thornton. This gal has such a beautiful voice and manages to sing the songs with such power and delicacy, that’s casting done right!

Ayden Callaghan, of Emmerdale and Hollyoaks fame, makes a strong Frank Farmer – the bodyguard.

I must mention the glorious goosebump inducing vocals from Emily-Mae. Wowza!

The costumes are gorgeous, the lighting was used to great effect, and the set and staging is actually quite smart, with simple moving borders and a clever use of screens – these all work brilliantly in adding the suspense and drama to the show.

All this, complete with amazing choreography and stunning vocals from the rest of the cast and the ensemble, is what makes The Bodyguard Musical a fantastic night out.

It’s at Edinburgh Playhouse until Saturday 25th February so still plenty of time to get your ticket to the hottest ticket in town.




Firmly established in the cultural landscape of Edinburgh and Scotland, the Edinburgh Playhouse, owned by Ambassador Theatre Group, is the UK’s largest all seated theatre and plays host to some of the biggest names in live music, comedy and musical theatre.

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