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REVIEW: Experience the Ultimate Crowd Karaoke at Coco Boho: A Pitch Perfect Night Out!

Let's go karaoke!

Whether you're a lip-syncer, covert shower singer, or a ballsy belter, you have to get yourself along to Coco Boho's Friday night special, Pitch Perfect.

Now, Pitch Perfect didn't actually start until 11pm (which I wasn't made aware of) so we started the night off with some delicious cocktails (Strawberry Daiquiris pictured).

As the lights dimmed and the TV screens came on, the beautiful Frankie Lily dazzled us with her stunning vocals.

For the shy amongst you, don't worry. Frankie is an amazing host, working the room and taking turns handing the mic over to us. She never makes you feel nervous about singing. Everyone is singing along with you anyway!

For a fun night out with your gals or guys, head to Pitch Perfect. It's a belter!


📸 Images by Jenna's Jamboree


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